Room Type1-22 June23 June - 20 July21 July - 27 August28 August - 14 Sept.Capacity (persons)
Wooden Room40 €/night50 €/night60 €/night40 €/night2
Standard Room60 €/night90 €/night100 €/night60 €/night2-3
Superior Room Type A70 €/night90 €/night100 €/night70 €/night2
Superior Room Type B90 €/night100 €/night120 €/night90 €/night2-3
Deluxe Room100 €/night120 €/night130 €/night100 €/night2-3
Deluxe Superior110 €/night130 €/night150 €/night110 €/night2
Duplex Standard90 €/night130 €/night150 €/night90 €/night3-4
Duplex Superior160 €/night180 €/night200 €/night160 €/night4-5
Superior Suite150 €/night180 €/night180 €/night150 €/night3-4
Deluxe Suite200 €/night240 €/night300 €/night200 €/night4

* Prices above include breakfast, sunbed and parking
** The third or fourth person in a standard or superior room will be charged with € 25 (breakfast included)

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