As you pass the old village of Vuno, along a road with high rocks and beautiful scented trees, with breathtaking views you will find Soleil Village & Villas on Jala Beach. This is the place where the sunrays will splash on the crystal clear blue water giving it an emerald magnificent look as in a beautiful nature show.

Soleil Village & Villas is the vacation destination of your dreams; it is an oasis of fun, relaxation, adventures and alternatives for everyone!

Soleil Village & Villas features the main hotel with 85 rooms and villas, 3 beaches, 3 restaurants, 3 beach bars and a night club.

Soleil Village & Villas offers excellent accommodations along with Mediterranean, Asian and Indian style cooking prepared with fresh ingredients, parties, inland tours, water and beach tours, water sports and other services that make for a unforgettable vacation.

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