The hotel architecture is contemporary with an elegant Mediterranean style inspiration. Soleil Village & Villas offers perfect accommodations for families, groups, couples who want to celebrate their special occasions and for tourists who want to explore our country.

Soleil Village & Villas hotel has 85 rooms that are carefully arranged. Every room has a minibar, satellite TV, A/C and bathroom with modern features. Roomsofer view of the sea, mountain or yard.

The other side of the village, exhibits the Mediterranean style of the old homes of Vunoi., with typical rooftops, small gardens with traditional green and flowers that offer the right setting for privacy and romantic nights.

The new side of Soleil Village & Villas features Deluxe and Duplex rooms with a modern style  that was carefully selected. The glass balconies give the impression of seating by the water and offer great view to enjoy the sunsets.

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